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Confidence is about self belief and knowing that you have the ability to do what it takes to succeed.


1 TO 1 Confidence Coaching

Here is a snapshot of just some of the things covered in the Confidence workshops!

The first thing we talk about when it comes to confident is really the ELEPHANT in the room; that often people confuse confidence with arrogance. 
So let’s dispel that myth straight away;

Being confident does not mean that you think you’re better than others or know more than others. Confidence is about self belief and knowing that you have the ability to do what it takes to succeed.

In this workshop, we look at how self confidence is achieved  from the inside out. We explore the incredible results and life long benefits that can be gained from up-levelling your confidence;

Better business

Better leadership

But most importantly, a happier, more successful you!

We discuss why, when you feel confident, you are more likely to take the brave decisions, have the tough conversations, network with people who are core to your success!

So where do you start when you want to build self confidence?

You start with a decision!

A decision that you want to be confident, that you deserve to be confident and that you deserve the success that comes from feeling confident.

In this workshop, we look at the steps to actively taking that decision and once you have given yourself permission to be confident, it’s time to get down to what Socrates termed “Know Thyself”;

As humans, we have an incredibly strong inclination to look at what we don’t have, what we haven’t done, what we haven’t achieved, but true self confidence begins by focussing on where you have succeeded and using that as the rocket fuel for your ambition!

When we focus on the positive, and the actual evidence of our success, we change our story …we create the foundation for a new belief;

That we are capable.
That we are talented.
That we are ENOUGH.

Understanding your ‘WHY’

Your WHY has a powerful impact on your ability to build that muscle of confidence.

As part of the workshop, we identify what that meaningful why looks like – your reason to keep going and persevere in your quest for confident, decisive action that you can achieve incredible results.

Confidence is like an energy source that you can tap into for any given situation – whether it is speaking in front of a group, meeting new clients, pitching for funding but like any energy source, it needs to be refilled regularly!

Wellness, continuous self development and spending time with the positive people who build you up rather than pull you down are all important elements to ensuring that you keep your confidence  intact and this is something we cover in more detail as part of our session.

Confidence is the key to success because when people meet you, it not only shows, it glows! People are more willing to believe what you say, buy into your ideas and follow your lead! An investment in your confidence is an investment in your future success.

If you’d like to book a Confidence workshop for a group or want to find out about upcoming events, contact Sharon here.

“She has helped so many people in unleashing their potential and grow, inspiring everyone to get out of their comfort zone and stretch their skills.”

– Franco Buonocore, eBay

1 to 1 Business & Entrepreneurship Coaching

Confidence, communication, leadership, managing change and building resilience are all part and parcel of life as a business owner and entrepreneur.

As part of this topic, we look at how all of these elements contribute to making a success of your business:


In order for others to believe in you, you must believe in yourself!

Confidence is key to every decision, every business transaction, every networking interaction and it starts on the inside. Whether it is imposter syndrome, a confidence crisis or a setback that creates that vortex of “I can’t do this”, a sustainable self belief and unshakeable confidence is the one thing that will bring you back from the edge and into profitability. As part of this session, we look at how to create a self belief that will ensure a solid foundation for success.

We explore the confidence techniques, both psychological and physiological, that will prepare you for the tough situations you can often encounter as a business owner.

We consider how to use confidence as a springboard for the other attributes necessary for business success; communication, leadership and managing change and resilience.


“If people like you, they’ll listen to you. If they trust you, they’ll do business with you”
Zig Ziglar

As business owners and entrepreneurs, how we communicate is crucial to our success. People form opinions about us based on what we say and  how we say it so whether they listen – that is something we have the power to influence.

Communication in business is an everyday occurrence, whether we are;

  1. Informing, educating or selling to clients.
  2. Pitching for business
  3. Looking for funding
  4. Networking with other Entrepreneurs or Business Owners
  5. Doing workshops and presentations

When people give their time and attention to us, they do so because want to learn, develop or grow, therefore it is our responsibility ensure that our content has a purpose that matters to our audience.

As part of this session, as a group, we work through the following questions:

  • What do we need to illustrate our message in a way that ensures everyone in the room clearly understands the message?
  • How can we make sure that our message resonate with our audience so they are inspired to take action?
  • How can we include empathy in our communication as a way of connecting with the audience?
  • How much should you really use power point?!


When we talk about leadership in business, we don’t just mean for those who are dealing with employees. Every one of us is the leader in our business. This means we lead by example, we show up as the best version of ourselves so that our personal brand glows as a beacon of integrity, authenticity and trust.

It also means that we work smart and look for opportunities that will positively contribute and impact our business. In this part of the session, we cover decision making, strategic planning and getting comfortable with being your own CEO.

Managing Change and Resilience

Our ability to manage change is often a yardstick by which to measure our success. Nothing stays the same for long and in the current climate and pressure to stay relevant, it is more important than ever to understand how to successfully manage change (internal and external) in a way that doesn’t impact our day to day business.

Building resilience is another core competency of running a successful business and our ability to cope and bounce back from adversity can be the difference that makes the difference when it comes to maintaining pace, as well as determination and perseverance to get the job done! In this part of the session, we look at the 5 step strategy to building this crucial, life long skill:

  1. Starting with Number One – your health & wellbeing, sense of self, sense of purpose
  2. Understanding your environment, a helicopter view to understand where you fit in and what there overall picture looks like
  3. Identifying the resources you have and those you need, taking decisive action that contributes to your success
  4. The growth mindset vs fixed mindset
  5. The benefits of a healthy attitude and the secret to cultivating a can-do attitude.

When our ability to change is superseded only by the strength of resilience, there is little or nothing to stop us from achieving our personal & professional success. As a business owner and/or entrepreneur, by learning these critical business and life skills, you are investing in the success of your business for today, as well as building a solid foundation for the future.

“Sharon’s passion for people and results, together with her wealth of experience, will bring very positive results to her clients.”

– Dermot Hennesey, Aon

1 to 1 Leadership Coaching

Being in leadership today is both a revolution and an evolution! We are challenging the ideas of the past when we “managed” people and evolving to a world where we lead people.

In this evolution it is often our ability to recognise our core strengths and attributes and use them for the good of our people, our product, our business that defines our ultimate success.

In this workshop, we explore what it takes to be a successful leader in business today and work though some of the practical and life skill elements to ignite your leadership success

Communication Style

– Assessing how you talk to your people, your peers, your leaders and exploring the ways we can improve our conversations in a way that supports who we are and how we work.

How to always ensure that your communications are clear, concise and impactful.
Listening as a super power and how to create opportunities to listen and learn.
Empathy as a way to develop powerful communication.

Presentation Skills

The power of effective presentation skills

Curating content that resonates and delivers an impact
The S.I.M.P.L.E technique to enhance your delivery and presentation
The secret to a calm, confident presentation (without power point overload!)

We consider the  importance of personal branding and evaluate how consistency and authenticity are key factors in establishing your identity as a leader.

Social Media Presence

– How to ensure that your social media presence reflects who you really are and how you want to be seen as a leader.
– Making meaningful connections that positively contribute to your circle.
– Sharing information that can positively impact your brand as  a leader.

Confidence in Your Leadership Ability

The quality of your decisions as a leader and your attitude and behaviour in crisis situations ultimately define your career so we look at the “behind the scenes” confidence strategies that enable  leadership success:

Healthy Belief Systems

If you can achieve what you believe, then we need to be mindful of what we believe! That is why having a healthy belief system is so fundamental to your success. With a growth mindset and a positive attitude, challenges become opportunities and success is achievable.

Identifying and living core leadership values

When we know who we are, we are better able to follow our the path to our potential. As leaders, this means understanding what is important to us and identifying our motto, not just as leaders, but as human beings!
In this session, we learn how to identify the core values that make us who we and are also the key to achieving the kind of leader we want to be.

Secret strategies to success

People believe in a leader who is confident in themselves, their approach and their decisions. In order to ensure you give yourself the best chance of conveying that confident look, we cover the physiological techniques to fuel your success & visible confidence so that you are talked about for the right reasons! We also look at combatting stress and burnout which is one of the most detrimental detractors of confident leadership.

Leadership is not just about responsibility or as some people call it; response-ability. It is about setting high standards for ourselves according to our defined leadership values. It’s about holding ourselves accountable for the purpose of achieving results, empowering others and building a foundation for a better tomorrow, both inside and outside of our companies

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