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About Me

Growing up in the West of Ireland in the 1980s, the notion of being confident wasn’t something that was on the radar!

As a child who was painfully shy and would go red every time I had to speak up in class, my communication skills weren’t the best! I look back now and that world seems like a million miles away from where I am now – someone who values communication & confidence and finds purpose in helping others to live their potential as leaders & business owners.

So how did I make the leap?

Sometimes there is a fire inside of you that is stronger than what holds you back. For me, that fire & passion was a love for English and History. The power of words, the adventure of history – stories of courageous people who changed the world.

I studied English & History in University College Galway and went on to teach English as a foreign language (having qualified as a TEFL teacher) in Turin, Italy.

Despite being just 21, I was teaching English to business owners, corporate professionals, University Students, Lawyers, International Trainers & Antique Dealers.

It was here that I learned the importance of communicating clearly and also to appreciate the value of diversity and inclusion.

When I moved back to Ireland, I started working in Vodafone. This was also where I began my leadership path and earned a reputation as someone with a passion for people and results winning the “Empathy Champion” and “Hero Awards”.

A transition to the Financial Services sector brought me to whole new industry where I led claims processing teams for an Insurance company. After five years, it was time to explore the world of eCommerce. eBay beckoned and it was here, as a leader of multicultural, multifunctional teams that I was awarded “Manager of the Year EMEA”  as well as various awards for innovation and team engagement.

Regardless of whether it was telecommunications, financial services or eCommerce, I have always found that success in business and leadership always came when people took time to gain perspective. This perspective, together with a real understanding of their own motivation and that of the people around them, led to a space where results happen. A space where confidence and communcation skills are at an optimum level supported by an inherent belief that “I CAN ACHIEVE THIS”.

In 2014, I embarked on an adventure based on this exact concept – Empowering people to reach their potential in business and leadership through confidence building and better communication!

I am particularly passionate about female entrepreneurship because I know what it’s like – the self doubt, the guilt, the ever-nagging question “Am I good enough?”. No valuable lesson ever comes easy and it is through my own struggles that I have built a strategy around confidence and communication which forms the basis of my workshop of the same name, designed specifically for female entrepreneurs.

With a professional life, executive & career coaching qualification (QQI award in The Ethics of Coaching), I have worked with professionals from Financial Services, Investment Banking, Pharmaceutical, Public Sector, Medical, eCommerce, Wellbeing, Recruitment and Public Relations industries as well as hosting workshops in the areas of confidence, communication, business, entrepreneurship and leadership.

When I am not running workshops, doing talks or coaching people, you’ll find me at home with my lovely husband, two beautiful girls and miniature schnauzer! I am a member of Toastmasters and have had the privilege of holding a number of committee positions including Secretary, PR and Club President. I am probably one of the few people you will ever meet who counts public speaking as one of her hobbies!

If you feel that confidence and communication are skills that would make you a better leader or a more sucessful business owner, do something about it.

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